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Tis The CQ Before Christmas
2023-12-02 17:34
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Tis The CQ Before Christmas
By Ray

I sat at my console in my ham radio shack; I scanned the DX cluster as I inhaled a quick snack.

I surfed the bands up and down, watching the meter and listening for any strong sound.

Back and forth, forth and back, not a sound or reading throughout the shack. So I turned off the rig and flipped the panel switch, when all of a sudden the radio began to light up and the meter began to twitch.

The meter bounced, the rig lit up, the shack lights dimmed and I dropped my cup. I heard a faint call “CQ..CQ”..I just stared at my radio not knowing what to do.

The voice was soft and oh so quiet, I thought it best… just to deny it. But again I heard “CQ CQ” It register an RST of only a 5 and 2. The small voice then said. I don’t have a call, but “CQ CQ” CQ to you all”

I keyed my mike and sent my call, and waited and waited but heard nothing at all. As I turned to look that the rig was not on, I again heard the voice say “CQ CQ is there anything wrong”.

I keyed the mike and sent my call again, and said to the voice try to zero beat in. The voice came back now a 5 and 9 and the voice then said “I’ve got you just fine”.

I ask for their name and what their QTH may be, the voice responded, ”I’m calling from Christmas and my handle is just “me”.

I asked the voice if they were a ham, the voice replied only “I am who I am”

“I watch you hams at your stations, making new friends across all nations”.

You Hams call CQ CQ, and speak with whoever comes back to you. You then pass your greetings, concerning yourselves with only exchanging each other’s signal strength readings.

Hams are not concerned with political intrigues, just wanting to share with each other your antennas and your amateur rigs.

You operate within a code you self-enforce, where fairness and courtesy is but a matter of course.

You end each contact with a heartfelt 73, regardless who they are or where they may be.

It is with admiration and for what you hams do, as to why this night I called CQ.

For if only the world like hams would be, ambassadors of goodwill they would see, although we are different we are actually the same, so there would be no wars for there would be no one to blame.

So do what you do for you are doing it right, Call CQ and spread goodwill tonight.

It’s now time to say 73, Merry Christmas to all hams, wherever you may be.

I enjoyed the QSO and hope you did too…Thank you for answering my weak signal CQ

Happy Holidays & 73

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