HamSphere 5.0 Video tutorials

Although the video tutorials may mention HamSphere 4.0,
we want to assure you that HamSphere 5.0 is fully compatible with HamSphere 4.0.
Therefore, all of the instructions provided in the videos are accurate
and applicable to HamSphere 5.0. Please disregard any references to HamSphere 4.0.

Tuning HamSphere 5.0 during contest

HamSphere review by Kevin, 9HS5549

Creating QSL Templates

Operating HamSphere 5.0: We discuss Antennas, DX'ing, Calling CQ, and other Topics

HamSphere 5.0 Extras: Using the Editor to Customize Your Transceiver

Operating HamSphere 5.0: Using (but not overusing) DX Spotting and Making Manual Logging Easier

Operating HamSphere 5.0: Using VOACAP Propagation Predictions and Making Contacts
1. Login Screen

2. Transceiver's Control and Tools

3. Spotting and Logging

4. Using VOACAP to make contact

5. Using the Editor

6. Split Frequency

7. Antenna Controls and other optional plugins

8. Band Scanner Programmable Antenna Mode

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