HamSphere International Vintage Contest HF 2023


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This is a challenging contest using Legendary Antennas. The contest is 24 hours.
Start date UTC
2023-09-30 06:00
Stop date UTC
2023-10-01 06:00
HamSphere 10-160m
Try to make as many contacts and countries you can using legacy antennas. All antennas count, but using Legendary antennas give bonus, please see below. Contact stations only once per band. NOTE: a frequency limit will be imposed on all bands (to allow non-contest stations room to operate during the contest). All contest contacts MUST be above 35kHz from the bottom of each band (example: 7.035 and up, 14.235 and up, 21.335 and up). Any contest contact made below the 35kHz contest band edge will not count. Please note that 5 minutes must have passed before you can contact the same op on a different band.
Score Calculation
Final score = Points x Multipliers
Max Power
100 Watts (10-80m) (1kW on 160m)
Report + Serial
QSO Points
1 point per QSO with normal antennas and 2 points per QSO with Legendary Antennas.
Band multipliers apply
Log date UTC
2023-10-02 06:00
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