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Make your own HamSphere HF Event Station
2024-05-27 23:07
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Keen on HF Events?

Make your own HF Event on HamSphere and issue your own Diploma/Certificate.
As a HamSphere operator using a licensed of unlicensed call sign you are eligible to create a "HE" call sign (HamSphere event Station)


1. The prefix will hold the same number as your country, if you for example live in France your HE callsign will start as 14HE
2. The event station can operate up to 7 days.
3. Your event station is free of charge
4. You can name your event anything based on a historic event in your country or region or any other real event or happening.
5. You may not apply for Events for other countries/land mass than you own. For example, a French operator may not create an event station in Guadeloupe or any other entity considered being a part of the home country unless the operator physically lives there.
6. The events are allowed on HF 10-160m only.

Please join the HamSphere Events group and get instructions on how to apply, upload own diplomas/certificates etc. Use this link:
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