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Lighthouse Activation 6 June 2024, 1400-1700 UTC - LOHS/SE116
2024-06-04 11:53
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Hi all.

I have always wanted to activate a lighthouse and since the Djursten Lighthouse is within reach from my current QTH in Uppsala, I will give it a shot. To get there I need to take the ferry from Öregrund and drive the gravel road to the lighthouse.

Call sign: LOHS/SE116
QRG: 17m and 20m
Date: 6 June 2024
Time: 1400 to 1700 UTC
Lighthouse ID: SWE116
Coordinates: 60.369004°, 18.401215°E
Grid Square: JP90ei

Djursten has had a lighthouse since 1767. The first lighthouse built to guide sailors from Öregrund was a stone tower topped by a charcoal fire in an iron pot. In 1809 the ship Bellona ran hard aground outside Djursten. The lighthouse was replaced by a new tower built in 1839, which still stands on the site. The current lighthouse was at first equipped with an oil lamp and parabolic mirrors that focused the light. In the 1870s a kerosene lamp was installed. The lighthouse became a state monument in 1935. In 1945 the lighthouse was finally electrified. It was occupied until the 1960s.

73 de Kelly LOHS/SE116 / SM7NHC
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