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VE4BWG Initial hiccups
2024-02-15 00:57
Registered: 14 years ago
Posts: 3

It's Jim in Winnipeg. Having some problems getting HS 5.0 up and running and I've run out of ideas.

I am using a MacBook Air with an Intel 4-core I5 @1.1GHz with 16GB RAM and at least 300GB free on the HD.

The default transceiver does not have the PTT/VOX panel. T "I" function under the far left panel is inoperative.

I have tried using several ext. headphone/mic combinations and also the internal spkr/mic.

I am stuck there. Has anyone encountered similar problems? If yes, was there a resolution of the issue? I have a pending open ticket with tech support but have heard nothing from them.

I am all ears folks. Thanks for reading this plea.

Jim W.
Re: VE4BWG Initial hiccups
2024-02-17 03:22
Registered: 14 years ago
Posts: 3
After much head-scratching I have learned that Hamsphere 5 for Mac requires Javascript. Mac OS Sonoma (Mac OS 14.2) no longer runs Javascript (Apple ditched Javascript after Mac OS 10 I believe). Went to Plan B. It seems that Crossover (PC emulation) works well with Hamsphere V5 for Windows on my Mac. Will update this saga as things unfold.

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