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HamSphere North American Rag Chew Net 14/02/2024 Report
2024-02-14 02:42
Registered: 2 years ago
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HamSphere North American Rag Chew Net 14/02/2024
KS1K Dave
OZ1HLT Henrik
2HS14024 Brain
VE3CMT Colin
26HS100 Michael
2HS13983 Jay
2HS5086 Richie
348HS136 Franklin
Question's :
Question 1 .. So to the operators on the net what is a comon mode choke used for in Amateur radio look forward to hearing people comments..

Question 2 ..how about for one contest on hamsphere how about no auto spot only manual spotting as it means if someone spots someone hopefully they have heard them and not just called the spot i know this will have mixed views..

Net Controller M7SBC (Andrew)..
Next net is on 16/02/2024..
Thank you to all HS Users that joined us on the net tonight ..
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